Posible to connect Sony PS-LX310BT (Bluetooth record player) to Homey?

I have bought a Sony PS-LX310BT (Bluetooth record player) which I would like to connect to my Homey Pro so that I can have the Homey Pro stream to my network speakers.
I cannot find any Homey App to connect it , but I was wondering if there is a way to connect it using some native bluetooth in Homey? … or other ways to connect it?

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Stig :slight_smile:

Homey doesn’t support streaming, it can only direct one device to play a stream on another device, but those two devices need to be compatible (which your devices aren’t, if I understand correctly).

Also, you need a specific app for Homey to be able to control a device, and there doesn’t seem to be an app for your record player.

Hi Robert
Thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile:
I.e. I have a Sonos Move that supports the PS-LX310BT using its Bluetooth interface, problem is that it is also my main speaker for system messages coming from Homey, but I cannot use both when on the Sonos move is on Bluetooth and vice versa, so my thought was to have Homey route the output from PS-LX310BT to Google cast in the Sonos Move.
Regarding the App, yes I was affried that I needed that to connect it, that there was no other possible ways to connect it.
Maybe my only way is to get a “in-the-middle” box that can stream to the Move.