Connect a stereo hi-fi set

Hello. I have an old but still good Sony stereo hi-fi set. Currently I can stream music to this set with a Logitech Bluetooth receiver. It works pretty well but I wish to connect this set to Homey, if possible. With a quick search I have found an Ayrlic S10 preamplifier that should work with wifi and/or Bluetooth. This is not listed as a compatible device with Homey. I have also found that Sonos sells a rather pricey wifi receiver called Port. The Sonos app doesn’t say if this device is supported.

So, what I’d like to know is if anyone has managed to connect a stereo set to Homey and how.

Bluesound Node works I think (

I’ve got a Bluesound Powernode connected to Homey Pro, and I can control it in flows.

I’d say a Chromecast and a HDMI-2-Audio converter.

In the appstore you can find all flow possibilities for the chromecast.

Ayrlic App integration for Homey would be really great.