Pool filter pump neo coolcam on/off v2

Hello guys,

I have an poolpump it use 250 watt, i want to switch it on and of with my neo coolcam socket switch.
When i plug it in it works but when i switch my coolcam of and on it wont work because the faultsave of the pump plug shut off.
I know it is the plug of the pump that shut off but when i put a analogic timer between the pump and normal wall socket it works.

So the neo coolcam is the reason that the plug of the pump schut off, is there anything i can do or is it just the quality of the neo coolcsm plug.

Do you mean whenn you switch the smart plug OFF and back ON you will also have to press the physical button on that black connector to reset it?

If so, cant you just remove that old connector and replace it with a normal plug

I think that is the only solution, i was confused about the other timer but it was the other pump. So when the power goes of the internal device on the connector shut also off.

So the only solution is to put other connectors on it, but I don’t know if that is safe because it is from a pool pump and a pool heater.

So u think they build in that security without any reason?
Replace the connectors, sit in the pool and find out!

" * Reliable personal protection against dangerous electric shocks." !

It is on build in electronic ground faulth and the faulth is also in the fuse box in the house.
But I don’t give it a try because they build it in with a reason.


There is something else you can try. Use a smart relais instead if smart plug.
The smart plug may cuts off the Neutral AND Phase

While a relais only cuts off the phase this means the ground and neutral stay OK and the elektronics in the old connector stay OK (Whats you guys said is indd a smart one its not there without reason)

You can easily test this option by plugging it into the regular socket and try to unscrew and disconnect the phase then put it back and see if the black plug doesnt shut off

Yes that is also a possibility.
I mist think about it.

And the very last option is to do put the black plug into a regular socket (so the electronics stay powered on) and cut open the original cable and place a relais in between the phase to control your pump