Neocoolcam Plug switch unexpected off

I had a Neo coolcam plug installed in the power supply of my fridge with the option on/off set on false.

I can not switch it off with the homey app / flow. But to my supprise it is still possible to switch off the power on with the button on the plug.
Is this coomon?

Which option/parameter did you set and how? As far as i know you can only set that option via raw parameter settings under advanced settings.
And in that case you have to make sure it is the right parameter you set because they differ between V1 (product type 3) and V2 (product type 512). In a V1 it is parameter 10, in a V2 it is parameter 2.

See this topic and this How-To for some more explanation.

The option was set thru advanced settings of the app. Only possible with yes or no.
The producttype of the plug is 3.