Pollen (grass and birch) allergy - outside air quality

Hello! Ove been trying to find any app that can pull the latest data about outside air quality as i want a notification of how much pollen is outside. In depth; I’ve bought some door and window sensors for my sons room since he recently got diagnosed with pollen allergy. Instead of checking each day how much allergy particles the forecast is predicting I’d like to automate an alarm if the windows are open etc etc. anyone got a got app or idea?

Thanks in advance

Possibly there’s a web service that can provide this info, and you can use the built-in Logic HTTP cards to retrieve this information to use in flows.

It’s possible with the Openweather app (not sure if it’s pollen specific)

Or, when you have an OpenWeathermap API key and location lat & lon:

Screenshot from 2023-06-27 18-52-27

Which you can use like Robert stated.

Thanks for quik answers. To make things more complicated i have the homey (early 2019) and not pro :-/ should i upgrade is my first question?

Also, I can’t see how any of the apps will help since there’s no listing of pollen, only ppm air quality etc.

So, I think my only option is to pull data from a website. Can any of you point me to a tutorial of how to use the logic http request?

Let’s say I’ve want to pull both these

value from https://www.naaf.no/pollenvarsel
(See picture)

Well you now have a Pro, while Athom decided to call all white balls Homey Pro since Homey cloud/premium was introduced.
So there’s 2 ‘types’ now (for apps), Homey (cloud/premium) and Homey Pro.

Yes I was afraid of that alr. but I thought you never know, it could be of help

That’s in my screenshot. But, the website should expose a (API) URL with (JSON)data, so you can kindly request @ naaf.no, or you have to ‘scrape’ data from a site.
But I can’t help you with that.

Wow, thanks for the info again! I’ll try to use your tut, but seems you have homey advance? On that note, should I upgrade? I feel kind of limited considering the pls in normal but not a huge problem. Ex; I’d have to use the app “group” now, while I could have used an “port” for the same I guess if I had advanced?

Worth the buy?

I’ll try gathering and try the method you explained asap. Just so many things to get done in a normal day that every time I sit down I’m to tired. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks again and good summer!

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YW, Henrik,

When you use standard flows, you can use the following tut as a starting point. You’ll need Better Logic variables with this one

I bought the Adv Flow, did not regret it at all, it made my Homey '19 more complete. One downside for me, I can’t edit these flows on the couch using my smartphone, like I can with standard flows.
Keep in mind the license sticks to your Homey, not to your account.

I found some non-free pollen info sites with API’s maybe it’s affordable

Thanks and good summer as well!

It’s only air quality but pollen specific.
I only know a fee german service to read pollen data via webservice as JSON, but there’s no data for NL.

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Maybe https://www.tomorrow.io/

It’s for our Henrik from Norway :wink:

Open Meteo has an air quality api. But’s not implemented yet.

And this Api supports pollen data.



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Yes, it was planned, but I did not have the time or motivation to carry it out.
Perhaps after the summer, when it gets colder inside.

So @Henrik87 can use the OpenMeteo API with the logic cards in AdvancedFlow to get the JSON. Then read the valued with JSON logic card and use the returned tag.

Example URL:

Example response:

  "latitude": 52.52,
  "longitude": 13.419,
  "elevation": 44.812,
  "generationtime_ms": 2.2119,
  "utc_offset_seconds": 0,
  "timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
  "timezone_abbreviation": "CEST",
  "hourly": {
    "time": ["2022-07-01T00:00", "2022-07-01T01:00", "2022-07-01T02:00", ...],
    "pm10": [1, 1.7, 1.7, 1.5, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 1.9, 1.3, ...]
  "hourly_units": {
    "pm10": "μg/m³"

See API docs:

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Hello there, @Henrik87.

I recently added Air Quality to Open-Meteo’s Weather app.

If you are still interested, check it out.

Best regards :v:


Yeah, Henrik, impressive stuff I think. Thanks @spkesDE !

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