Place for App Translations to German Language

@PhilS version 0.2.4 of the Sun Events app with the German translation is published (as beta) and can be added to the opening post.

Thank you Danee got the information!
I will add it to the list.

@PhilS translation of “Schalter & Lampen” Switches & Sockets was also done :wink:

you mean " Lights & sockets"? ok :muscle:
Danke Markus!

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-group- 2.3.104 which includes the german translations is now in beta.

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@Jamie and straight into the list :muscle:

I would also like to help with the translations!

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Maybe we could use Crowdin or something like that?

The actual problem is not onle the translation. The exctraction and insertion of the language.

I added l18n for the configuration page of Better Logic and translated it into german and did send a Pull Request.

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It highly depends on the developer and how he has done the implementation of languages. Some even didn’t considered to add the possibility to add new languages, some are using the athom path, some using own ways to do it.
Don’t think crowdin is a good place to do it with just a few needs. If all Developers using the athom given path it would make it easier to find the right files, but sometimes it is a bit tricky to do so.

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Anyone here that likes to translate my fork of to German?

@DaneedeKruyffi will take a look into it

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@DaneedeKruyff done with it. Pull request is also available.

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Great, thanks! It’s merged!

should i take to the list of translated app in the beginning of this thread @DaneedeKruyff?

Yes, thats a good idea. Thanks!


Hey Guy’s
Is there someone willing to help translate Papertrails?
I just started to implement i18n (As I Developed it in core English without Locals to Translate) but maybe with some help we can speed up!

Please look at the Alpha Branch,
Most important for now are:

(And don’t hesitate to correct my GoogleTranslate experiments :wink: )

And if you want PM your Email adres to get Access to the Alpha version

i will take it on me @Dijker. i let you know when i make the pull requests

Done :smirk:

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Hello all,

Can someone help me translate the Device Capabilities into German?

I have allready split the heavy work into files for easy translation.

See my topic here:

Anyone interested in helping to translate [APP][Pro] go-e Charger (SDK3) into German?

The translation work can be done from Github in com.go-e.charger/.translation at main · oh2th/com.go-e.charger · GitHub and just submit a pull request when available.