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I have been with Telldus and Vera, and now I am here. So far it works very well. It is good that the immature home automation have a vibrant community. Athom has taken some bold moves with 2.0, and I suggest that a further bold move should be taken; make the community language english only - and then make it more likely that it will exist in 2 years time - and I dont need to move on yet another time.

Right now the fragmentation into many languages is not helpful for such a small community.


Welcome Arne,

This has been the rule for the first ~ 1,5 year when Athom started.
Due to a part of the users finding it better to communicate in there own language as they are not all used to write their problems in English we created the Dutch section (on the old forum) and with the migration as a couple of other users searched for conversations in their own langue we (Athom) created a section to fulfill this need.

We are not going to take that away but our forum rules / Welcome states:

So feel free to only react in the English sections and you can filter out all other language’s you don’t want in your settings.

With the current state of google translate (and others) multiple languages should not be a problem

I had no problems with the rule to keep english as the forum language. And i am the most of the time in the english Part.

But since the among of people from my homecountry germany are growing fast, I welcome them in my native language in the German subforum.

I told them there in a threat to look in the main english spoken forum to have all of the experience not only the ones from german users.


True… I participate in a Swedish FB group and use FB translate and then…
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
All these Swedish guys with problems with their Friends …

And then I realize the issue they have with their Homey’s and often I can help with a simple English answer and sometimes a link to forum or support page.


Agree, been thinking of this also. The community benefit grows exponentially with the number of active users provided they all communicate. Right now this is not the case since a lot of useful experience is lost due to the split between Dutch and English. Google translate doesn’t really help here since the posts are not tagged and translated accordingly.

The forum rules state that English should be used as much as possible. All non English threads are ether closed or moved out of the ground and into sub language.

Not everyone speaks English, and speaking English is not a requirement to owning Homey.

But Athom I believe are doing everything the possible can to ensure as much of the community communicates in the same level as possible.

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I am going to now close this thread as I feel that it has been answered. If you would like to discuss this further please contact myself or another moderator.