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Native language Slack channels Danish, Dutch, French, German and Swedish

Hello Fellow Homey’s,

I am sure Athom is extremely proud on the build Homey Community that Welcomes new users on Slack almost 24x7 for several years now. Sometimes users struggle as they are welcomed within minutes but didn’t expect that all are typing in English. (And a couple even use Google Translate :wink: )

As we have heard that some Homey’s have issues to express their questions in English and prefer to type in their native language we have identified what languages most users are.

As we have already a lot not-native English users the following Slack channels are created:

To keep the Community together and share information accessible to as many Homeys as possible we ask you to use the English Channels #homey and specific channels for #Developers and #HomeyScript, #HomeyDuino and #offtopic etc whenever possible.

But whenever your native-tongue dictates you that you want to express in your own language, or you want to help some of your language friends that don’t have that language knob… join the Channel!

Click the Link, or add the Channel in your Slack by clicking on Channels (Not on the (+) behind that creates your own channels!) and Add one of the new Channels!

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Get your invite by entering your email address here and register for an Slack account.

Login and join the conversatios:

Have fun!
Athom & Your Moderators.