Place for App Translations to German Language

Funktioniert die App auch in Deutschland?

Please let me know if the app is available in the AppStore. Then i will take it to the list.

Thank you @Tino

Keine Ahnung Philipp, habe ich nicht getestet :man_shrugging:t3:

:joy: dachte nur: wäre ja cool, wenn auf deutsch übersetzt, aber dort nicht nutzbar. Ist nicht böse gemeint, nur Interesse halber.

stimmt schon :wink:, aber vielleicht kann Robin was dazu sagen, ob es auch technisch in Deutschland geht.

@Gruijter do your app works with german providers, too?

when you give me a German provider, I can surely try to implement it. I also implemented swedish providers on request.

And the most sms providers the app already supports are from DellMont (voipbuster etc.) They are international and have some German brands as well I believe.

So yes, the app works worldwide :slight_smile:

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Great :+1:t2:, then the German translation will bring perhaps a new provider given by a German user in the near future!

That was the idea for having it translated to German :wink::kissing_heart:


I started translating the App Neo Coolcam.


And send a pull request


Wow @mapulu what a energy in translating to german. 5 Stars plus :+1:t2:

Pull request for Telegram App

Image Grabber

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I will release the German version as soon as Athom releases 2.0.5 as stable firmware next week :sunny:


You can include flags, copy them from this site:

The code

Renders as:

(Not as a nice list unfortunately)

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After the Send SMS and the Netgear apps were successfully translated, I now have another one: BLE Christmas lights.

again two small files:

i will take it and make a pull request

edit: sorry @Gruijter, i have problems to find the right translations because i do not understand the light conditions (phase etc.).

perhaps someone else can help you. but before i translate in the wrong way i let it be :wink:

^^ @tino or @CyberSponk or @mapulu maybe?

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I will have a look! :raising_hand_man:t3:


Well, dont worry too much on the exact translation for the light effects. They do not always relate to what you see anyway (:joy:). And there is no rush, I hope we can first enjoy summer before next Christmas starts. Although in Germany Christmas :christmas_tree:always starts much sooner then in the Netherlands, because we first have the (racist?) Sinterklaas :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat:

:joy: okay, I will contact @tino. Maybe we will get it together.

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Itˋs done! I did a pull request :wink:


Muchos gracias Tino! The german version is pending approval in the appstore :kissing_heart: