Photos in timeline

As a Homey Pro user, I’d like the ability to leverage the Timeline notification feature with photos for notifications and in the timeline.

There is a number of use cases but I’m thinking for my use case… when a visitor opens the gate via ring outdoor contact sensor, take a photo using UniFi and post to my timeline and notify me.

This is possibly by using other apps (for instance Telegram) or by using a dashboard (like SmartDash). Personally I have the feeling the timeline is not the place for photos.

I think push messages are “designed” for similar tasks.
You’ll have the picture immediately available on your phone’s notification screen.
It has no history though.
I also use Signal (CallMeBot app) to send pictures amongst other stuff, it’s a perfect historical and searchable log that way.

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Telegram does also have history.
And this is much safer than CallMeBot.

I use Whatsapp for similar tasks :wink:

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I think an advance from Telegram is the possibility to ask a question and let Homey react on the answer. For instance when you see your girlfriend is the one who is at the door, you can already turn some romantic music on :slight_smile: