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Phone connected to power socket

Before the update to homey 2.0 I have a flow that was trigger a variable my phone was connected to a power socket or not.
You had a choice when you making a flow to use you’re phone. Now I can’t find my phone anywhere with the option of it is connected.
I only find a phone option in the app smart presence. But than you did’t have that function.
Is there someone who can help me?


did you check the settings in the v2 app? You need to enable it in the app

Google “forced” athom to remove the (Android only) trigger “when power is (dis)connected”, because of changed permissions which were not granted to athom (yet?).

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I can’t find anything in the setting to enable it. Can you be a little bit more specific

That’s to bad. Then I have to find an other way.

I used the same trigger to set users as sleeping. The flows that still existed when I upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0 still have the triggers in place, but the trigger cards are disabled and when viewing them it displays a guid and trigger id. These triggers no longer exist.

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a option would be to use a powerplug. Ofcourse it would only be handy when you Always use the same place to recharge your Phone. if you do like iam, its Always on the charger when going to sleep, its programmed that the plug wil switch on at 9 pm and switch of when iam awake. So you can keep your charger plugged in to the socket.