Philips Hue Lamp blinks when turned off by flow


I have a problem with one of my Hue lamps and wonder if someone have experienced the same, or if there is a solution to it.
I have a flow that turns off the lamp at 23:00, which works as expected. However, some time after that, the lamp starts to blink, going on and off at various speed, like dimming on and off. It’s quite annoying since the lamp is placed in our bedroom.
After a while (it can be more than an hour), this behaviour stops.


indeed strange. But lets start with telling us wich homey version your on, wich app (bridge ect ect)

Did you already re-add it or whatever….

You understand if you asking if there is a solution , you must provide information.

I have been using Homey version 2.0.4 (just saw it was updated tonight to 2.0.5) with the Philips Hue ZigBee app v. 1.4.4.
I have not yet tried to re-add or something like that.