Philips Hue Gradient LED strip

I bought myself a Philips Hue Gradient Ledstrip. Can’t find the question in this forum, so created a new topic.

I can set the color for the ledstrip, no problem. But the Gradient LEDstrip has an option to divide the strip in three parts. With that, you can create a color gradient. Has anybody found an option in the Homey Hue App to direct the 3 parts instead of the hole ledstrip?

Seems i’m talking to myself here. :wink:

I received new updates for Athom’s Hue app. In the changelog they mention Gradient support. But i didn’t see it back in the new app; i still can’t select a color gradient in 3 steps.

Tried to delete and (re)add the device in Homey, but same results.

Anybody in the community who has a better experience with gradient lights in Homey ?

I found the gradient isn’t configurable in the device, but is available as a action card in a flow!

Gradient Signe is detected as unknown device for me. Would be great if this was added into the support list. Right now I can only control it with one color at a time.

doesn’t Help if the lamp is detected as unknown device during the pairing

Hi, how did you connect the Philips Hue Gradient Ambiance Lightstrip 2 m to Homey?

Hi! I also don’t have the option to add the Gradient strip to the app (I’m using the Philips hue without the bridge-option). It shows up as Unknown Device. Any tips on how to connect properly are welcome!