Philips HUE device not turning ON


Homey turns ON/OFF HUE devices based on differents scenarios.
This works fine, but the HUE devices which are most far away from Homey sometimes desn’t rurn ON and I am suspecting a signal/distance problem.

Does anybody know if it exist a kind of repeater to solve this problem?


Do you connect your devices directly to Homey or via the Philips Hue Bridge?

See this thread:

Yes, I am connecting via the Philips Hue Bridge.

When connected via the Hue bridge there is a seperate mesh network outside of Homey. So if there is any connection trouble here there is nothing Homey can do about it. Hue lights acting as repeaters so maybe put more lights between the last light and the one before that.

Ok, thank’s.

Would you recomment me to remove the Philips Hue Bridge and run the Philips Hue lamps directly from Homey?

No! Replace some lamps or add some lamps to the bridge to make a better mesh.