Philips Hue app 4.0.11 disconnects all devices

Athom does not look along/respond often on this forum, you’ll just have to send them a [support ticket] ( to get an answer.

I am speaking about the Homey Firmware and not about the App Version.

You may not see the necessity of the work around, only I can tell you with the work around I rarely see Hue restarts.
Strange thing is sometimes it restarts multiple times in 1 or 2 days, some times it runs fine for a few weeks. It’s up to you of course if you implement it.

I don’t see restarting Hue daily as a good solution, it may take until the next planned restart before your Homey can control Hue again. With the work around I explained at maximum it takes 1 or 2 minutes that Homey can’t control Hue.

I would appreciate a Hue update that eliminates the need for a work around.
I am running Homey 4.2 and Hue 4.5.2 and still see the restarts…

I’m using Homey with 2 Hue bridges and the same app version and Homey firmware.
Never have a problem (not even with older app and firmware versions).
So there could be something else than the Hue app that’s causing your disconnecting problems.
Did you check that your Hue bridge and Homey have a fixed IP adress in your router?
Do you have other device brands connected to the Hue bridge besides original Hue ones?