PAN08 Dimmlevel readout

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I have a technical question for you:

I have PAN08 roller shutters, calibrated and in principle working fine… When I start my flows, which request the dimming level of the individual PAN08’s, I sometimes get results that do NOT correspond to reality. Should mean, although a roller shutter is visually down, I get a value of e.g. dim level. 0.19. Unfortunately, this falsifies my queries about the current status. Does any of you have an idea why this could be?

The individual PAN08 statuses are queried at 1s intervals in order not to confuse Homey. I also have the flow queried with a general delay of 90s to give the roller shutters enough time to reach the desired position. Many thanks for your help!!

Greez Matt :sunglasses:

For those who are curious: it obviously was the Setup of the PAN08’s. I have 24 shutters, that, once the ALL OPEN command was given, all started to report their position every 10% while running.
That caused too many reports and possibly made HOMEY misinterpreting the signals.
Changed now the setup to “report destination level in 5s”. Works fine now without any errors so far! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Greez Matt :sunglasses:

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