Outside detector recommended for light/spot?

What are detector for outside with cable ( no battery) to manage light/spot ?
Zigbee or zwave protocol ?

If it has to be smart you can maybe make something like this.https://www.robbshop.nl/domotica/projecten/z-wave-bewegingsmelder-voor-buiten

Yep @Mike1233 , not bad thanks

Regarding the protocol, I have just take a Fibaro weave detector and put it outside on a wall ( and the Hole Pro is at 3 , 4 meters max) it didn’t succeed to transmit data. The Fibaro was detecting movement but they couldn’t reach the HomePro :frowning:
Seems zwave has issue through some wall and I don’t know if zigbee could be more efficient

It depends on the composition and the thickness of the walls. If you are using metalized thermal insulation glass, this will also cause problems.
In general, however, a good Z-Wave network is also helpful, i.e. many and good placed Z-Wave repeaters.

The pairing of that device was wel ok?

I have a Qubino dimmer in the shed and Homey Pro 19 is inside at home. The distance is about 8 meter or so. And it does work here.
But if you do it like the drawing you might be able to extend cables first.


I should try to test with a cable connector to see if signal is stronger …
But I know that people using in the past zwave migrate to other protocol like zigbee ( mesh, …)