Outdoor Socket

I’m looking to create a flow for an outdoor socket that’s controlled via a Z Wave plug. I want the socket to be on when someone is home and off when no one is home.

There are two us at home and both phones have the presence detection switched on.

I know this sounds simple but in the ‘when’ part of the flow there is no option for when everyone is home or no one is home.

Why not use:

WHEN first person came home
THEN switch on

and a second flow:

WHEN last person left home
THEN switch off

The flowcard ArnoP is mentioning is available as of Homey firmware v2.3.0

Thanks I’ve updated my flow and I’ll see how it is. Looks a very simple solution, I was overthinking

Why rely on presence detection?
U could use this as when there is activity then switch on and the same for off.

Or combine presence so it is not only reacting on your phones.

Note I do not now your setup but there has to be contact switches or motion sensors present in your setup.

That worked a treat, thanks