Outdoor motion sensor PHILIO TECH PSP05-D?

hi guys
Anyone installed & use PHILIO TECH PSP05-D ? any feedback ?
it seems to match with homey only thru the app… Since I’m reading on this forum that apps are frequently bugging… I wonder…

any advise on a outdoor motion sensor which can be powered with batteries, working night & day able to filter small anymals and movements from trees (e.g a detection threshold)

thanks for your help !

Of course, it only works with the app like 95% of all devices.
Some time ago I used the sensor with an HP19 without any problems.

Certainly there are apps that sometimes cause problems, especially when they are new, new functions or new devices are added. But these problems are usually also fixed.
By the way, with your statement you devalue all app developers who program their apps in their spare time for free. Without these great programmers, there would be no Homey.