Outdoor light

Hello a real newbie question but i am trying to make a couple of flow to make the outdoor light turn them self on and of of. made 2 flows like this but no success, any suggestion (utelys is norwegian for outdoor light )

Must be something wrong with the settings of the plug. Like added as “other” . Can u try to use the wallplug card itself? Like Wallplug/Turn on? Instead of the devices card.

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I will try that instead, Thanks a lot so far :slight_smile:

I also see 2 of the same flows. is that intended? They both go on at sunset?

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No it’s me who put the same up 2 times ( Sorry :open_mouth: ) , the flows are at sunset and sunrise

Actually i think this will work cause when go in on the app and pushed on the flow it whent to another site were i could test it and when i did i got up a green ok sign so now its just to wait until the morning and see if it turns it self of, Thanks one more time

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