Outdoor LEDs (that aren't Hue)?

Has anyone got suggestions on Outdoor LED strips that aren’t hue?
Or even a decent way to do it with a standard LED strip?

I have sockets outside so any solution could work, as long as everything in the chain is waterproof


Maybe INNR if you are looking for a all in one solution.

I’m not necessarily looking for a ‘complete’ package… surely there have to be cheaper ways of doing this?

£100 for 4m of LEDs just seems crazy compared to inside options

Amazon?! AliExpress?!

  • Outddor led Strip 12/24v
  • 12/24v Transformator
  • Z-Wave or ZigBee RGB(W) Controller
  • waterproof box
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True, but most likely not cheaper than a complete set.

Keep in mind that outdoor strips need to be water and weather proof, thats why they are a bit more expensive