Outdoor and indoor camera + outdoor temperature sensor suggestions


I am looking for a few suggestions of items.

Firstly: We have animals in a house at our farm. At the moment I am using Cleverio outdoor sockets to control light and heating lamps. My flow is connected to netatmo outdoor temperature sensor. However it is not an optimal solution, as I’d like to have a temperature sensor inside where the animals are, but it needs to be right IP-grade as if it was outside. It is too far away for a second netatmo sensor, but not too far for the Zwave Cleverio sockets. I have 230V socket available where I want the sensor. Any suggestions? (humidity and temperature sensor would be a plus).

Secondly: I am looking for a decent camera to monitor a few places. The usage would be to activate when movement and send alarm controlled by flows in Homey at certain times, and start recording. I do not have a server so it would be to record to the camera memory stick. I do not know the products, and I have various protocols/forms of communication forms available, depending of placement. Wi-Fi and Zwave (Zigbee could work inside the house, but limited due to very thick log walls and distance). 230V and/or PoE is available, or Wi-Fi will work some places. I would not need to have a camera that I can control to control/move remotely. It is just for fixed placing to overview certain areas (and animals :blush:). Mostly I would use it in an environment where it is considered outdoor, though when I remove my current old alarm system in main building I would need a few inside where wireless would be definitely best (as recording would just be when/if alarm goes off and that would not need a lot of power just staying standby.

Alot of info and questions, and I would be happy to hear your recommendations and experience with various products :blush:

Edit: I only have 0.9mbit upload, so looking at or sending video out to look at live videostream can’t be HD :joy:


So let me get this straight, you’d rater buy a bad camera than upgrade your internet? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Or is it hard to get decent internet out there?

I would love a better internt connection, but not possible where I live out in the country :cry:

Lots of topics about camera’s.

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