[OT][Modding] Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 is in Development, CEO Eben Upton Confirms

While the Announcement some time ago of the more powerfull Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer rose some questions, that isn’t a solution for the new Homey Pro because it is build on the Compute Module (in short CM4) and there was not yet anything known about a new Compute Module

Here in this Blog Raspberry Pi YouTuber Jeff Geerling had the chance to interview Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton at CES. During the interview we hear Upton confirming that Raspberry Pi 5 production is ramping up, and inadvertently we also get first confirmation that the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 is an upcoming product.

There is a Link in the blog to a document released by Raspberry Pi: released guidance for those wishing to design products based around the future board.

The rest ia a lot of speculation… (When will the CM5 be available, Will Athom bring out a new and even faster Homey Pro based on the CM5 or would it be possible to upgrade for the modders…)

One interesting thing is hopeful for Homey Pro (Early 2023) users:

What we can confirm though is that the Compute Module 5 will share the same dual connectors as the Compute Module 4.

and for the rest,

for now Patience,
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