Homey 2023 and Wifi 6 (802.11ax)

I was surprised to se that the new HP2023 doesn’t support WIFI 6 considering it was approved in 2020.
Not a deal breaker but disappointing.

The used Raspberry Pi CM 4 doesn’t have WiFi 6.
Wanting Wifi 6 would need an extra chip (with supporting things) just for the WiFi 6, bringing the cost even more up, for practically no extra benefit other then it being 6 GHz which it definitely doesn’t need for bandwidth reasons.
(The old Homey Pro didn’t even have 5GHz WiFi.)
So it is just a hardware limitation of the standard CM 4.

Stating it is too bad it doesn’t have WiFi 6 is just like saying, that it is too bad that a normal car doesn’t have a Formula 1 engine, sure it is possible, but doesn’t have any benefit whatsoever in regular use.