Osram Smart+ Switch (mini)

Hi developers,

I’m pretty new to developing Homey apps. I’ve done a lot of research, but I still lack the skill to create my own (Zigbee) app. I’ve done some Node programming in the near past…So I’m planning to write my first app for the Osram Smart+ Switch Mini.

I’m unable to pair the device via the “normal” add Zigbee device. Homey simply can’t find the switch.
What I want to achieve is just create actions when a button is pressed.

In my research I came accross a developer who got the switch to pair and function:
Would this Zigbee info on Github get me somewhere, as in create a working app?

And how would I be able to pair the device with Homey; I think that would be the first step?

If I manage to get that to work, I might add the requested Osram switch also. Code on Github too.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,

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Did you get anywhere with this? I would love support for that switch

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Sorry for the late reply. Do you mean the normal swith or the mini?
I’ve just picked up the project again for the mini. I’m just trying to add basic support for it (single clicks for now).

You can check the progress on GitHub

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Hi Rick!

Is it only with me or does the github link not work?



Links starting with TTPS don’t seem to work fine no :joy:

Fixed the link, thanx!

Hi Rick!

Thanks a lot, now I can access your GitHub.
BUT as I‘m absolutely not familiar with GitHub, somehow I cannot find any mentioning on the progress concerning the Switch Mini.

Can you please tell?

Thanks in advance



Is there a way to get the mini switch pairens with Homey?

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Any way to get the Osram switch paired yet?

You all should mail Osram and ask them to work with Homey to get their products supported!

https://www.osram.com/os/contact/forms/technical_support.jsp -> fill out the form here

i have the switch mini to, there is an osram and ledvance app but still it is not supporterd.

Did anybody figure this out ?


I’ve developed an app for the Osram mini Switch. I‘ve submitted it, but they rejected it because they have their own Osram Lightify App. My App supports a specific device, so they will look to integrate ist in their own app later…

Here you can find my source code, so you can compile and install on your own…


You can consider to place it on the Community App Store.

Just a +1 from me, either for this to go into the Community Store or for Athom to integrate your hard work into the official Osram app PLEASE!!! I bought a load of these switches on clearance assuming they’d be compatible with the Osram skill.