Osram Plug

Switch on / off does not work. I get the error Message: something went wrong, please try it again. (AF data request file, Status Code 233. MAC no ack).
Has anyone an idea what the reason could be?

I have seen these kind of errors when osram devices are to far away from my homey(with my osram garden lights for example).
What is the range to the plug? Can you move the plug closer to homey and try again?

It is only 4m…other Zigbees like Philips and so on have no problems.

I have the same problem, fortunately it works for me after the second or third time! But it sucks!

I have 4 of them connected with a Philips Hue bridge and now they work perfectly. Even the 2 on the third floor never fail.

I have also problems with the osrams. But with other Smarthomes I had the same problems. I think Osram is very picky with connections