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As I posted before… This is bugging me too! A simple ledvance dimmable E14 candle is not recognized bij Homey. Tried both the lightify app as the Hue app. Device is added as standard zigbee device NOT DIMMABLE! The Osram ledvance product line is rather limited compared to hue. How hard can it be to add devices??? Especially if there is a E27 version that already exists?
I contacted Athom support and they told me to contact Osram support. I had to ask support for Homey… ofcourse no answer from Osram…

Ask for support with Homey here: https://www.osram.com/os/contact/forms/technical_support.jsp
If more people are requesting Osram to help Homey adding devices, they will get triggered. So do an effort and request support @Osram

But the app is made by Athom…? :thinking:

I know @robertklep
But that is what Athom told me… I guess they need “help” in keeping up support for all non supported ledvance devices?
Anyway, I do understand why Athom asks me to contact Osram, but can’t say I was really pleased with the Athom answer on my support request :confused:

It may have been a boilerplate answer, where the support person didn’t even know that Athom develops the Osram app… :roll_eyes:

And I don’t understand why Athom is asking you to contact Osram. What can you, and Osram, do? If Athom requires specific knowledge, they are in the best position to ask Osram about it.

100% with you on that!

Hi, I am a new user to Homey and I am converting from the Klikaanklikuit control station. I tried to add my Osram Smart+ Zigbee motion sensors but to this moment I didn’t succeed.
Does anyone have an idea if the app is still being developed and new devices are being added? I saw that the last update was 1 year ago…

It doesn’t look like new devices are being added, the test version of the app (for firmware v5) doesn’t support any new devices compared to the current version.

Hmm, on fortunately. I see however that @johan_bendz is a volunteer for the app? Do you expect that new devices get added to the app?
Aside of adding new devices, the app should probably be renamed to Ledvance because Ledvance is not allowed to use the Osram name anymore I’ve seen. So my motion sensors are probably ledvance sensors “under the hood”.

Apparently Ledvance is Centralite?

Can’t find a Centralite app however.
Any ideas?

Send an e-mail to support@athom.com

I’v asked Athom if they want me or an other community developer to manage the app or develop a new Ledvance app but so far they decided to manage the app inhouse. Perhaps waiting for Ledvance to act…?

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And I am waiting on Athom to release an update… Some of my osram ledvance devices=standard zigbee device.

I have the impression that the Osram app is only rarely maintained. I’ve been waiting for the Surface lights to be integrated for ages. Since nothing has changed in the beta app, I will move my Osram to the ConBee stick, which immediately recognized the Surface. Maybe a tip for Osram / Ledvance victims.

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Got a reaction from Ledvance: the integration with Homey is not their priority and it is something that Homey needs to do because it is a homey platform and not a ledvance platform. It is also not something that they want to do in the future.
So no help from Ledvance unfortunately.
I hope Athom can help us, or transfer the app to the community or something?

Hi all,

Ledvance own app is available since 2 weeks now.
The Ledvance PAR16 RGBW Z3 is completely functioning now, very happy with it!

Tested with the Homey v5.0.4 RC (experimental) firmware
The Ledvance Smart+ app version 4.1.7

Would you please allow me to ask all of you to add all expieriences with zigbee lights, without additional bridge, to the following list.

Thank you all in advance

Indeed, all is working great with the new ledvance smart+ app. I see it is maintained by Ledvance so they must of had a change of hart? (since @Daan_Vermeulen wrote that it was not their priority)

Not all. I tried to add a ledvance smart+ outdoor plug. But unfortunately no app can be found, so it’s added as a generic zigbee device.

I contacted Ledvance to add support for their outdoor plug, gave them the interview code. In the meantime I have to use the osram Lightify app of Athom.


"Wist je al dat veel Osram/Ledvance producten, nu ondersteund worden door een nieuwe app?

Ledvance heeft het onderhoud en integratie van nieuwe producten op zich genomen en een nieuwe app in de app shop gezet."

Hoi @rvdeijk

Well that is strange indeed, BUT… I don’t really see the problem with that. Standard zigbee can do 1 thing: on/off. What do you expect more from the outdoor plug? (I have on too!) And as the plug has no builtin power meter you’re not missing out a thing…?

Correct but that counts for lots of other devices that only have on/off support. Not sure if an app have extra benefit, besides a proper icon. Maybe some flow cards.

Ledvance support doesn’t seem to understand. This is what they replied when I asked to add the outdoor plug to their new app that they develop and after providing them my interview code.

Yes, you are right that the product is not included now in the application Homey. But you can write also to the homey support and ask for the next update. When the product firmware will be available.

Or wait for an update because products are continuously replenished.

All the time you can check it
Ledvance: LEDVANCE SMART+ | Homey

Osram: Osram Lightify | Homey

If it is a brand Osram - Homey apps by Athom B.V.
you can ask here – creator of the app

So yes I can wait for an update, but the whole point is that I ask for an update… :thinking:

Not sure if an app have extra benefit, besides a proper icon. Maybe some flow cards.

For the zigbee plugs indoor/outdoor there is not a single thing that would change except for the icon. I think that is why they won’t make an extra effort to release an update for this single issue. I do read between the lines they might add it in a next release of the app which will support new lights etc…
But again, for the plugs it won’t change a thing, just the icon.

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