Options to trigger flows every 10 minutes like 12:02 - 12:22 - 12:42 - 13:02?

I have several flows which I don’t want to trigger the way Homey would trigger. If I for example select every 25 minutes, then Homey trigger this flow like 12:00 - 12:25 - 12:50 - 13:00. So always exactly at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00.
I don’t want that because it gets too crowded at every full hour with triggering flows and experiencing therefore some lag.

Is it possible to trigger flows for example like every 12:02 - 12:12 - 12:22 without creating individual flows for every exact time?

You can start the flow every 10 minute and add a two minutes delay if you want the flow to run after 12 minutes.

Thanks, that is the workaround I currently use. However there is still some activity when the flow triggers, as well as a counter for each flow, again causing lag specially when there are quite a bit of such flows.

I notice this lag from flows running every (half)hour creating bell sounds (12 bells at 12:00). The lag causes the first two/three bells to sound almost simultaneously instead of each three seconds a bell.

That would create “crowd” as @Berend says. The flow starts then but delays commands. I don’t know if that’s a problem for Homey. If you have the Pro version there is a lot of CPU and RAM to get things going I would say.

If you really want this, add a timer of 10 minutes. Start it at 00:02, when it reaches zero, reset it and do your THEN-thing.

Why do you need multiple flows that run every couple of minutes? This is something you should avoid, and you almost always can. I have hundreds of flows, none of those run using every xx minutes.

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I recognize my situation in @Berend 's question. In my case, i start a BigBen sound every hour -1 minute with a delay of 43 seconds. Then the counter strikes at exactly second 0 of every hour. In short, the process seems like this:
Time is at minute 59

  • Calculate number of hours +1 with BetterLogic mathjs
  • Start BigBen sound with SoundBoard at 43 seconds delay
  • Start BigBenCountStrike flow at 59 seconds delay

I am unable to repeat this flow with every hour technique; than it starts at 00 minute. I’ve solved this to check every minute (!), and check if minute equals 59.
The workaround is Countdown every hour with 59 minutes. I assume checking every minute consumes less CPU than a timer of 59*60 seconds. I don’t have a better solution.

It’s not really comfortable, but it’s a solution.

You can create 24 additional flows with:

– The Time is 00:59 oclock
– Start Flow “BigBen”

– The Time is 01:59 o’clock

– The Time is 02:59 o’clock

Another idea with the Chronograph app (or similar):
– Every hour
– Start or replace timer “BigBen” with a duration of 59 minutes

– Timer “BigBen” is finished
– Your mentioned flow cards

But I don’t know if this is a big stress for Homey, because the app is used 24 hours/day.

To avoid lag every full hour I now created a timer of two minutes running every hour at 59 minutes (using 24 flows). The flows which would trigger every couple of minutes and hence every full hour as well, are having the condition that this timer (named FlowPauze) should not be running. This workaround works pretty well for me.