Optimising solar energy to charge storage heaters

Quite confident that the Homey community can solve this problem: I would like to use the surplus energy produced by my solar panels (with a SolarEdge converter) to charge my Elnur Gabarròn " ECOMBI SOLAR SMART STATIC STORAGE HEATER FOR PV INSTALLATIONS". Elnur provides an “accessory solar box” with power meters, but that would be a lot of work.
My wish for a smarter and cleaner future is the following:

  • Homey gets the information about energy production and consumption from the SolarEdge Appli
  • It controls charging the Elnur storage heater via its WiFi connexion, i.e. allows charging when the surplus goes into the grid (the heaters automatically charge anyway if needed)
  • (and all that should be working with a three-phase installation)

A promise: When an appropriate solution is found, I’ll replace my eeDomus for a Homey :wink:

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In this thread it is explained how the surplus of energy is used to charge a car.
Should be usable for your storage heaters too

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Great, thank you! What I would still need is an appli that controls the Ecombi storage heaters. They’re WiFi-connected, it should be feasible…