Homey Pro - Building a system

I wonder if this scenario is possible.

Tibber as electricity supplier to be able to price control based on the electricity price.

Homey Pro to control following units:
NIBE heat pumps
EV Charger (Easee charger)
Solar panels + energy storage management.

Is it possible to easily control all these units from the Homey app. I am mostly wondering about the interaction of the solar cells with the energy storage and if this can be controlled/monitored through the homey app? Do I need to have special inverters for this to work?


Thanks in advance!

Maybe it can. Have a look at:

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Indeed Power by the Hour is the way to go. See the Solar Panels app to find out if your inverter is supported. I myself just use a 230 socket meter to know my solar production.

And with flows, especially advanced flows, you can build however you want it to work.