Operate the Fibaro RS3 correctly

Can somebody help me?
I use the Fibaro RS3 (Firmware 5.1)
Because it is not possible to context it to a wired switch. I have to use a Remote Switch. But I can’t figure out how I can Stopp the shutter. I can only open or closed it completely!
There is not a stopp button anymore like with the RS2?!

Sorry not an answer, and I only own the RS2.
But it looks like you are not alone: How to know the firmware version of Fibaro Devices?

Maybe a Fibaro firmware issue??

It’s not the issue that @Christoffer_Lange describes.
I can set every position between 0 and 100.
But I can’t stop the shutter when it’s moving down or up! The Stopp Button is missing!?

Problem is solved!

Have switched to Home Assistant and the RS3 works as expected. :grinning: