Open Weather won't install

I receive the message “Open weather va s’installer sur Homey dans un instant”… and nothing more happens.
Any help?
Thanks in advance.

What have you tried already?
Do other Apps install?

I guess you are talking about this App: [App][Pro] OpenWeather ?

The OpenWeather app doesn’t do anything until you create devices for it.

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Thank you very much for the reply. I think this is answer to my problem! I haven’t created yet any device. I’m going to do that and everything should work fine.

Kind regards


The topic title you choose was : Open Weather won’t install

Do you mean it did install the app but you didn’t check that?

In fact it was present in the Homey apps but as it was not visible to make flows, I thought it was not really installed.
As you made it clear we have to make a device first of all.
Thanks again