Open ports for connecting to hub from outside of home network

New to Homey Pro but I have search that old and new forums trying to figure out things and it is disappointing but hey I unplugged the other hub so I have to make this work. I just went on a business trip, opened the app and I can’t get to the hub. Which ports I need to open to get to the hub? Web app opens the hub but only shows zones, no devices.
Update 02/26/2024: I received a reply from the forum’s admin, I appreciate it. I opened a support ticket as there is no need to open ports. I will update with their findings.
2nd update 02/26/2024: I resolved the issue by removing the iOS app and reinstalling it.

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No need to open a port,
All Homey’s connect to the Athom cloud and if you can connect your mobile to the cloud it should work.

Only Homey Pro (Early 2023) has in the latest firmware a option to configure any port you want to being forwarded but then stil the cloud wil be available as fallback.