Only turn on Fibaro wall plug through b-button

I have connected my coffee brewer to my Fibaro Wall Plug so that it automatically turns off after a set amount of time. This works fine. But I’m afraid of manually switching it on through the app.

Is there a way to only turn it on though pressing the B-button? Maybe disabling the on/off-option in the app, or some Z-Wave settings?

I don’t know if you can protect devices via the “Family and Guests” user management, but I suspect not. So I guess, there is no way to protect the Wall Plug from turning on via the app.
The “on/off-option” you mentioned is a Allways On option. If this option is turned on, it’s not possible to turn the Wall Plug off. Also there is no other Z-Wave setting in the manual for this case.

Two suggestions:
– Move the wall plug to a separate area in the device overview.
– Change the name to “Don’t turn on!” or something similar. :wink:

Maybe someone else has another idea.

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Unfortunately it’s not possible with the Fibaro Plug.

I am a little bit surprised. I Don’t know why but the protection class is not supported by the Fibaro Plug. There is only a always on function.

But, if you are looking for an alternative, the Devolo Home Control Metering Plug supports it.
You can protect the button or switching via Z-Wave or both.

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Thanks for the replies. I might put in a suggestion to the Homey team that they might want to look into letting the user disable the on/off button in the gui.