Changing the status of the icon of a Fibaro wall-plug


I have a Fibaro wall-plug used to turn on/off a lamp.
When turning the lamp on with a flow (turned on when some conditions are true), the lamp turns on. But the icon of the device is still “dark”, I was assuming that turning the wall-plug on would turn on the icon.

Any idea how to do this?


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Is the icon lighting up when you start the wall plug pressing the icon or pushing the button on the device?

Yes, the icon is lightning when starting the wall-plug by pressning the icon. But when starting it with a flow, the icon is not lightning.

Try going to, wait for the z-wave devices to load, click on the the dots to the right of your device and choose Heal.

Thanks a lot, it works now.
What is this setting “heal”?

This “Homey developer” seems great. Do you know if it is possible there to see the status of all variables and tags? Would be great for developing to see them somewhere?
And even in the Homey-app?