One Virtual Device button to control sunblind


I use a sunblind with Somfy RTS engine, paired the trellis remote and now I can control it in the device menu with up and down arrow. The next step is to control it with 1 virtual device button . I tried to add False variable to check in the flow Knop-Zonnescherm-Omlaag but then it only works when the sunscreen is in down state. Any help appreciated. The flows, which used are attached.

Regards, Rutger Jan

Does the value wich your checking working so does it really changed between treu/false

No I don’t see a value. I thought when the button is pushed the value changes but see a local tag. Maybe silly question but whats the easy way to check this. Normally I edit a flow.

Hmmmz its not

Just go in the flow where you select the needed tag, there you can also if it changing.

And yes use the locale tag

Strange I see no value.

You can use the somfy card only. It shows the status