One Somfy blind refuses to work

Ik ga even verder op zijn Nederlands. Is toch wat gemakkelijker. De router wordt gebruikt als accespoint. De oude router werd ook zo gebruikt. Nu ga ik de oude router weer installeren. Maar dat duurt nog even. Deze week komen ze het glasvezelnet aansluiten. Daar wacht ik op.

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OK I will do that. I have also a ICS-2000 from KAKU. I used it before the Homey. I just tried it again. And the blind is working. So it has to be the Homey which is not working correctly.

Support is going through the diagnostic file for me, so I’ll wait what they find out.

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Suddenly I thought just connect the good somfy remote to the “bad” motor. And then the give the Homey a command for the good remote. Not working. I couldn’t connect the bad to the good one. But I could connect the bad to the good.!!! So I think the the remote or the somfy motor is not working correct. But the Homey is working correctly. This afternoon I going to try a SCX-2000.

Did you hear any results from the research department from Homey? i followed this issue becouse i have the same problem. Remote Somfy no problems but not with homey, i tried the same things as you.

Well, there were no errors detected on the Homey site, so I had to send in another diagnostic file for the app itself. Since then silence. I’ll send them a reminder soon.

How did it work out?

No reply yet.

I had a red led on my Homey. I have sent it to Holland (I live in Spain). They sent me a new one. With the new software v2.4. And my all my Somfys are working:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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