On the fly/inline rewrite/replace and crlf

I’m playing around with callmebot and email sender, but this is also interesting for other purposes. Hopefully someone can help me out :slight_smile:

First question: Say I’m reacting to a binary (yes/no) variable changing, but I don’t want to use just “yes” or “no”. I’d like something like “The sun is [if variable==no, then “not”] setting”. Sure, this can be done in more complicated ways, but if there are several of these it can become tedious solving it using and clauses.

Second question: For some apps, like email sender, it would be nice to have line feeds and carriage returns (crlf). Is this possible? I’ll ask the last question in the email sender forum as well, but it would be nice to know if there’s a general way of doing this across apps.


For a crlf you can try to insert \n in the string. This is a common used escape sequence for it.

\n is just an LF, not a CR (which is \r)

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