Set "Return" in App Email sender


I’m using “Email sender”, works fine, does s.o. knows how to set a text return (cr) in the flow card to let the mail look better?

[\n] [CR] didn’t work…

I don’t use this app, but in other apps or the timeline notification it’s possible to add a return via the key command Shift + Enter. But it works only in the WebApp.

Thanx fantross, I tried this first but doesn’t work. I don’t know how they realize email sending (like in “sendmail”) so I have no Idea of of an CR :upside_down_face:

Then I can’t help you, sorry.

It was asked a while ago, what worked was like Dirk said

but, now send the email in plain text format.

Oh, just tested:
it even works in standard flows when you copy some tekst with Shift+Enter line breaks from an Adv. flowcard:

For other cards as well

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