Nvidia Shield TV

I do all my TV watching via the Shield TV and I would like to create flows that trigger my lights to dim and change scenes when I start watching something on my TV. Is this possible or can’t you use shield TV with Homey?

Actually this is not possible, as there is no App that supports the ShieldTV.

You can build an App or request support for this device. But i’m sure it would be hard work to do, as there is no official API to control the Shield, also the only way i know that shield can be controlled is adb and this will not give you status updates, therefor no triggers are avail (as far as i know)

you can use the logitech harmony hub to control your shield and tv and connect the harmony with your homey. it works very well

There are app’s for Kodi, to set the mood light based on player status (play, pause, stopped etc.)
Sadly not for Netflix, or Android overall.

Thanks for all the answers, might check out the logitech harmony hub in that case :slight_smile:

I have it setup via Google Chromecast integration


Hi, sorry for the late reply.
I have added all devices in Google Home via linking Homey to it.
After that, you can setup an Automation in Google Home. From there, if you have any Google Assistant device, like Nest mini e.g. you can also use your voice to make Google home react to orders.