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NVIDIA Shield TV when TV is set to ON

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me out and maybe it is not possible (yet) but who knows. I have a Samsung TV connected to NVIDIA Shield TV. Setting my TV on in any flow does work perfectly but my NVIDIA Shield TV doesn’t get a signal to awake out of sleep mode. I watch TV through my NVIDIA Shield TV so would be nice to have the possibility.
Probably you all know that NVIDIA Shield TV runs on Android TV. So I hope that someone knows a way how I can send a signal to NVIDIA Shield TV to get ON when TV is set to ON.

I know a similar question is been asked somewhere in 2019 but I hope there is a way now in 2021.

Hope someone has a trick how to fix this.

EDIT: The ideas below are only possible if you have a Homey Pro for now… sorry

Shot in the dark, but, isn’t it discovered by adding it as a Chromecast device?

And, the Kodi app can be of use: