NSPanel support

Hi guys,
Is there anyone that knows how to get the newly introduced Sonoff NSPanel working with Homey?

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I recently got an NSPanel, and flashed Lovelace UI onto it:

It should be possible to get it working with Homey, although it would require some MQTT dialogs back and forth to handle certain requests. For instance, if the screensaver is on, and I touch the screen or a button, a MQTT message is published, which needs to be replied to by the host, to “unlock” it and launch a specific page.
The only approach I can think of is doing this via some advanced flows that listen to the MQTT messages and respond to it accordingly. I’ll see if I can cook up a simple proof of concept tomorrow.

Update, some first steps, controlling the device via MQTT client.

What this does:

  • update time every minute (and once after startup)
  • update date once a day (and once after startup)
  • acknowledge the device after startup and switch to screensaver

Communication is based upon nspanel-lovelace-ui/HMI at main · joBr99/nspanel-lovelace-ui · GitHub, I’ll extend from here and share my experiences.

Edit, updating the flow so the screensaver gets weather info. The icon for current weather is placed into a text variable, so it can be used in the message. I have to add many more variables and “AND” statements to get all the stuff I want, but the good news is: it’s not impossible to get this thing working with Homey!


  • Fill the “screensaver” with data.
  • Return to the screensaver after moments of inactivity
  • Turn the screen off when there’s no-one in the room.
  • Add a page to control the lights in the livingroom (buttons for scenes, and sliders for brightness/temperature)
  • Add a page that shows information like the personal agenda of the house (garbage being picked up today, stuff like that)
  • Showing important notifications (like: water leak alarm triggered or so)
  • Hopefully I’ll also be able to show a camera snapshot when the doorbell is ringing.
  • Ideas are welcome!
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Dear @Chillout ! I am very interested in this project, did you manage to continue? Will it work with a bridge?

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I am making small progress, one feature at a time.
I have no idea how the bridge works, but if it can run mqtt client you should be fine.

The bridge doesn’t run anything locally, only in the cloud.


I’m also playing with this.

I have some questions:

  1. When changing a device from another place, like turning a light on with your telephone, is it necessary to reload the whole page on the NSPanel or can only the switch be changed?
  2. Is it possible to paint the pictures from the Homey-app on the NSPanel screen or is it necessary to make a new .tft file with the pictures already in it?
  3. How to get the weather forecast on the screensaver?

Thanks in advance.