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Probably because the Sonoff app has been deprecated, it has only been tested with old versions of Tasmota.

So would you say that the Tasmota app is currently the best solution? Are there any differences in the functionality after adding the devices through one or the other? I would generally not mind flashing the Sonoff with an older version of Tasmota if I would gain some functionality. Are there any differences in how they map homey capabilities to Homekit characteristics (as you wrote it)? I am asking because today I added a SNZB-02 sonoff zigbee sensor to Homey and I immediately got readings from all sensors in both Homey and Homekit.

Both the Tasmota and my Sonoff app only deal with WiFi devices, the Zigbee app is separate.

I stopped developing my Sonoff app ages ago and cannot guarantee that if you install an older version of Tasmota it will start working. The Tasmota app is more recent, and (I think) in active development, so it would be the better solution. However, I don’t know how well it supports additional sensors, so you’d have to try.

Thank you for your reply!


I have buy a SonOff 4CH Pro R3, I flashed it with Tasmota 6.7.1
I added it to Homey with your SonOff Homey app and it works.

I encured 2 problems:

-The first is when Homey restart, the connexion is lost with the SonOff. I’ve got the error message “client has already ended” and it’s impossible to solve it. However MQTT messages appear on the broker when i activate a relay, but no interraction between Homey and the SonOff.

-The second is after the first problem, if i want to add another time the SonOff device (after delete it) it impossible. Got message “No new device found”. The solution is to remove the app before reinstall it and add SonOff device.

Have you a solution for me?

Are you running the MQTT Broker app on Homey? If so, what’s probably happening is that the Sonoff app is starting up more quickly than the MQTT Broker app, or that the broker is denying connections until it’s fully started. You can try fixing that by turning on the “Power user” experiment (in Homey’s mobile app, Settings, Experiments) so you can restart the Sonoff app 5 minutes or so after a reboot.

Yes I run the broker on Homey. Power user is already check. Restart the app does not fix the problem.

I saw your post above, I will try with the Tasmota app.

Hello folks

In the near future, will it be possible to use the one shown on Kickstarter

SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch

to make it compatible with Homey?

thank you in advance


Please see also the comments starting from October16, 2021 above.

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I have an problem and maybe someone can help me:

i managed to install tasmota on my sonoff basic.
i changed the mqtt settings as follows:

Host ()
Port (1883)
Client (DVES_B049F9)
Topic = %topic% (tasmota_B049F9)
Full Topic (%prefix%/%topic%/)

I also installed MQTT Broker on Homey.
And started the broker

When i want to add the device using the app on homey and fill in the following:
Host ()
Port (1883)

I then get the screen “(soft) Please reboot the device”
And after that an timed out error.

What am i doing wrong?

Use this app :wink: To be honest, the app is deprecated (I will update the first post of this thread to make that more obvious) and only works with older (< 8 or even < 7) Tasmota versions.

There’s a dedicated Tasmota app that might work better for you: Tasmota MQTT App for Homey | Homey

Were you able to find any solution for this ? No luck on my end :pensive:

hey my eye fell on the
SONOFF NSPanel, any idea if this is possible to add in the homey app?

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Not in my app, no.

Can you explain why it can’t be added?

See the first post of this thread.

Aah im sorry didnt read that. But you do have an pro 2023 now dont you? :rofl: :wink:

Yes I do, but this app has been deprecated for years now already :sweat_smile:

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Hi. Any chance that someone take the lead on a version that would work with Homey Pro 2023 ?

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Hi, so no regular SONOFF app in Homey then?
damn, wanted to buy the iFan to control my ceiling fan…