Notifications, push, timeline: who gets what and what about privacy?

Sorry for the vague title. But I don’t know how to say it otherwise.

There are three user types: admin, user and guest. At the moment I am the only admin, but I will add a user and 2 guests. But what about privacy?

  1. The timeline in the app, is that personal? Or sees everybody the same? And admins all?
  2. Logic. Can users and guests see the logic values?
  3. If a flow has a “notification” card, who gets it? Admins, users or both?
  4. A “send a push to mobile” is personalised as you need to give a users name.

I am asking, because we don’t have to see each others presence in the house (Homey needs to just act on it) and some messages (notifications/push) need to either log or only sent do the person in question or when he or she did something.

Wouldn’t it be really easy to test these things yourself?

Well if someone has tested this before or anybody could explain this in a second… I think it can help others. Don’t you think?

And as I don’t have other users added yet, it’s quite hard to test this alone, right? And if I added users, I need to have their phones while testing. Which is for a user okayish but for guests?

So, no.

I just used my iPad to create a test user, first as guest, then changed the account to a regular user to see the differences. Perhaps you know someone whose phone or tablet you can borrow for a few minutes.

Well, I guess I have to test it then (even though I assume you have the answer now, but I don’t want to make a thing about it).
When I finished testing eventually, I will post the results then. For other people who might have te same question as I do…


You just did…

Did I? How ironic. Well never mind then.

So it seems that when I (admin) start a flow with a notification card, a user doesn’t get that notification but sees it in the timeline.

Notifications only notified in the timeline. Otherwise you can send a pushmessage to every ueser you want.

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Not exactly. The user doesn’t see this as a push, but indeed in the timeline. But the administrator does get a push notification of it (when enabled in the timeline settings). See my previous message (the observation).

Take the phonecard in the then section and you can send the pushnotification to specific users

Yes, I have to figure out how I only can message the last leaving user. That card doesn’t have a tag with it.

Ik weet niet zo goed wat je met het screenshot wilt zeggen… Want wie is dan de laatste persoon die vertrokken is? Als je goed kijkt naar het WHEN kaartje, zie je dat er dus geen tags zijn (met andere woorden, de laatste persoon die vertrekt is geen tag die je kunt gebruiken in het kaartje dat in jouw screenshot staat.

I am a bit confused now :confused:
Is this about who gets what notification or push message and about privacy worries or is it about how to determine who left last?
Unless that is also a privacy issue… :thinking: Is it?

My first question, which didn’t get answered because it was easy to test it myself (which wasn’t really the case but okay) is now answered.

  1. The timeline is visible for admins and users. I couldn’t test guests because Homey refuses on my iPad.
  2. Logic, same as 1.
  3. A notification card has both a timeline entry and a push notification for admins. NOT for users.
  4. A “send a push to mobile” is personalised as you need to give a users name.

And the fourth item was the second question. I wanted the last person to get a push notification. But privacy wise I do not need to know who was the last leaving person (admin, user or guest). But the last left person card doesn’t have a tag (the name of that person). So I cannot send a push notification to that person. I have to determine by logic who the last person was to send him or her a push.

Not a answer, but just wondering… whats your privacy concern? Sounds that your not talking about a household/famely.

I don’t have logs about peoples whereabouts. And why would I? Homey can take care of the automation? Why does that need to be in logs?

No idea what you mean by that. Afaik you send eiter a push (without timeline) or a timeline (without push) or use both cards to send both. Just tested that and there is no option to send both at once from 1 card.

Some way homey needs to log, otherwise it never would know who is away or home