Notifications from 2.0 firmware are sent by every installed Homey app

I received a new (2nd hand, 2.0 firmware) Homey yesterday to replace my faulty current one. The current one is 1.5.13 so i already use both the legacy app and the preview app.

Since i installed the new app on my phone and tablet yesterday, all notifications from the new 2.0 Homey were sent to me multiple times, 3 to be precise. It appears that every message that is created in the new 2.0 device get’s sent by all installed apps (so legacy, preview and 2.0). The notifications from the old environment keep coming just once as normal.


I can imagine that there are not many folks with 2 Homey’s with 2 different firmware versions around, but does anybody else has noticed this behavior? Or have a clue why this is happening?

I’m not sure if i should make an official report about this because it doubt it will affect more than a few multi-homey-with-different-firmware geeks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I see that too.
I wonder what your result is when you enable home/away detection on both Homeys and let them send a message on leaving and entering. (Also, what OS is your phone?)

Well, the detection in 1,5 didn’t work reliably anyway so i switched it off along time ago :slight_smile: . For 2.0 i haven’t looked into it yet, first have to get my devices and flows over. Maybe i will play with it later today.
The wife’s phone is a Huawei with Android 7, mine is a Motorola with Android 9.

Ah, ok, thanks. We use iOS and never had and have problems with presence detection on V1 but it’s unreliable on V2 :frowning: