Notification to wrong phone

Hi. In my flow i choose to send notification to just me but my girlfriend gets one to. We have different accounts but ive logged in once with my account on her phone. Ive logged out and logged in with hers again but i doesnt help.

There’s not a lot we can do about that, but you can send Athom a bug report for this:

Do you by any chance still have the old legacy app or the old preview app installed? That would be the reason, they send notifications by phone (every phone in the list), not by user.
Else try to uninstall/reinstall the new app or clear cache and storage through the app settings.

we Use the new app on both phones (iOS)
I Will try later today to reinstall the app on both phones. Thanks for the tip

Have you checked overhere?
It might be that your girlfriends phone is listed as your device also.
If so, you can delete it.

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Thanks for the link, yet another URL I never knew existed.

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I get that, but did you completely uninstall the old version(s)?
Even unused, if they still reside on the phones, they will forward the notifications…

Its fixed. I followed this link and removed the phones that was in the wrong place.

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