NOS journaal in flow/chromecast?


Are there people here that have succeeded in having the Dutch NOS journaal in a flow and casted to a Chromecast?
I tried and but both seem to be deprecated. They don’t work anymore; their ‘tags’ return null.

Maybe somebody succeeded with a combination of RSS and certain logics and flows?

I would like to be able to press a button and let the latest news of the NOS cast to my Chromecast.

B.t.w. I’ve come across a lot of apps that don’t work anymore. The App Store could use some cleaning up.

Why use Homey for that when google has a way to do that?

Some people use iOS instead of Android. And thereby I would like to combine it with other flows and to be able to start it with a morning routine.

Any update on this? I would like the same functionality :slight_smile: