NOnOff NSpanelPro

Hi all,

i just order one NSpanelPro.
Some of you have some experience to let it work with the new Homey?

The pro version of the panel runs on android (compared to the non pro, which uses sonoff software and can be flashed iirc). You could load the homey app on the pro version.
There is currently no direct integration with homey for either (although there are workarounds to integrate them). I would also not use the zigbee integration, since it will create a separate zigbee network from the one that homey creates.
I’m looking forward to your experience though. I’m also looking into getting this as a sort of a controller for some rooms

Hi all,

I don’t know if I am on the wrong way…

But my first test with the panel works :wink:

I easy install the homey app to the panel.


wow looks cools…
how is the capacitive touch response? Can it have sounds or haptic when button triggered ? :thinking:

It is like a normal Phone :wink:

Are you using fully browser or is it running within the default software. At the moment (waiting for the homey '23), I am running Homehabbit on this device connected to domoticz outside the standard nspanel pro launcher.

Hi, now i try some.
First of all:
I install the ultra-small-launcher.apk
Then i change the Webviw to a newer view.

First Test:
I install a kiosk browser and let run but the sidebar left is to big for me. and i dont found a option to minimize.

  1. Test:
    I install the homey android app but with my accound i have to many thinks in. So i add a new user in my Homey and minimize the favorites.

For me the homey android app looks better. Is in the app the posibility to change the background color?

Dont enable in the sleep mode in the display settings. On the panel is no restart button you must power on/off via cable :wink:

Mine is already wall mounted. If I detach the screen, the unit will restart (but indeed, sleep mode is disabled).

I like Homehabbit, the don’t support Homey (yet), but it supports mqtt, so I will give it a try.

I must say, the unit is much appreciated by the family members. Before it was a wall switch witch two buttons and single/double click scenario’s. Now it’s used more than at time the switch was installed.

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I found a youtube video where they solved this:


I just received my nspapnel pro from sonoff but there i no android running as mentioned in the text.

I mist install android on it i think , i saw youtube
But there is no play store i think, so only with apk files it wil work

Is the homey app good to work with?

You have to install apk’s while there is no playstore running on it.

Did you already follow the instructions on to be able to install other applications?

Don’t know what you are looking for. The smart dash app is for example good to use with the nspanel pro. There is a topic for this software on the community forum. You need to install the APK one time, updates are running directly via the app without the need of the playstore.


What I want is a simple dash for lights, music, airco, and some weather maybe.
Not so much complicated, rest is controlled by homey. This screen more for changing when you have no phone with you.

I saw the Homey dash, is this thread that is a possibility , reachable as a webpage?

After that I tried Home Assistent from the webpage, that is also working, but not in kiosk mode for now .

When I flash the ADB what I read in Blackadder, then I got an android device? When I install the apk then it’s working?

Yes, however smartdash as linked in the previous post uses the Homey api functionality which is only available in the Homey Pro '23 (don’t know about the bridge).

Bye the way, the ns panel pro is running on Android already, but by following the steps from that side you will be able to sideload applications.

And the things you want are possible via smartdash. I don’t know if airco is already supported (thermostat is), but I’m quite sure the developer will (be able) to add things by request.

hello, so the version of nspanel pro works with homey? does it have direct integration or is it complicated? do you find it in the application or just put the homey application on it and you have access to the devices? thank you

Some post above this one will show you some more info. There is no out of the box integration.

I haven’t used the nspanel pro interface for a while, so I don’t know what the possibilities are.

If you can start an url, then you might try to use the Homey dash solution.

I followed some instructions on to use the nspanel pro as an “regular” android device. You won’t find a playstore on the device, I use smartdash (see previous posts), which is after an initial apk install easy updatable within the smartdash app.

I am also looking for a proper device to control Homey devices.

With the lastest SONOFF supports adding matter bridges.

### V2.4.0(Jan. 16th, 2024)

New Updates:

1. Support adding Matter bridges, and you can sync switch devices under the bridge to NSPanel Pro.

Is it possible that homey, acting as a matter hub, somehow exposes its devices via matter that the Panel (eWeLink App respectively) can access devices linked to homey?


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I believe this is a crucial function for homey to be able to act as a matter bridge, I do not know if homey is going to survive otherwise as the whole functionality of homey is that it is able to connect to all technology’s, what I’m questioning is why homey has not implemented the functionality and they are going to when is going to happen?

You mean the support that was added a few months ago? In firmware v10.3.0. (Homey Pro 2023 only as that is the only one able to hardware wise)

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Can it act as a Matter bridge or just a hub?