Noname remote controll

Anyone will recognize this remote control. For me, this controls the shutters. I would be very happy if Homey could make friends with him too :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This is it!
Thank U!
And is there an app that works with HomeyPro?

Try this: App voor Homey | Homey

Thank you!
I tried this app before, but unfortunately without success. Because my Mobilus motors are older models, Older than 2017, they do not yet support the 2way comm format, as far as I know. And the remote control knows the old one too. Unfortunately, if I put the engine in program mode, the app can’t find it. I was hoping that there was an app that knew the older protocol as well… Is it a dead end?

Contact the App writer: Issues · Tymec/pl.mobilus.mobiq · GitHub