No time line in homescreen app

In the homescreen of the Homey app (v2) the time line takes up a lot of space. Even after deleting all the notifications.

Isn’t there a possibility to have some sort of notification bubble with a number of how many notifications there are? When clicked this could take you to a notification page. Just like the number of messages in Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

This way, there is much more space for having favorite flows, and apps/buttons directly in the homescreen of the app.

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I would think this is a good feature-request to put on:

Also made a request to ad a flowcard for deleting notifications

Thx bvdbos!

Was already searching for a place where I could make a feature request.
Do you know where we can see what feature requests already have been made?
Adding via this Google Docs forms seems a bit cumbersome…

We can’t since Github was archived… GH was, I think, too much of a barrier for people to use…